Trachman Indevco, LLC
 Investing and Developing for the Future

  Founding Principle:

Contributing to the Community

Trachman Indevco, LLC is a Real Estate Investment and Development Company founded on the principle that success is defined by the contributions that our projects make to the communities in which they are located over the long term.

Mission Statement:

Investing and Developing for the Future

Our mission is to develop well-designed, quality projects that have a positive lasting impact on the communities in which they are located. To be successful over the long-term, each and every project developed by Trachman Indevco, LLC must serve as a central gathering place for the surrounding neighborhood; must provide the goods and services desired by the community and must serve as an economic engine for the City in which it is located. By remaining focused on the future needs and desires of the communities in which we invest and develop, our projects will be successful and our mission will be accomplished.

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